Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Monster Truck Jam ~ Boy's Night Out!

Friday night (Jan. 16th) Peyton and Jared were off to their 3rd year tradition of going the Tacoma Dome for the MONSTER TRUCK JAM! Just to let you know how much Peyton loves this, if you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he'll tell you, "I wanna be a monster truck driver". He's definately hard core. I asked him the other day at dinner what we should name our next baby if it was a boy (no, I'm not pregnant, just thinking about the possibility) he, without hesitation replied, "Grave Digger". Actually, he's said he wished his name was Grave Digger. . .I totally missed the mark by naming him Peyton.
The night was a hit, I took Lana and Lily out for a night of shopping at Target and then movie and popcorn at home for a girls night in. I didn't figure they would like really the loud and stinky trucks. When I went to Les Schwab for tires the last time, Lana refused to go back in because she thought it was too stinky (she told me this while plugging her nose). She's such a girl.
P.S. My boys went to the show where a 7 year old boy got hit in the head with debris from a truck and was killed. . .very random and made me so thankful Peyton and Jared were in the cheap seats.

Last ones, I promise . . .

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Grandma and Lily! Can't get enough Grandma time! My sister-in-law bought the shirt Lily is wearing. It says, "What Happens at Grandma's Stays at Grandma's".

My sissy and her one of her twins (the other is a girl). GAME ON! I still can't believe they are 4 already. No fun to be away from them and not see them grow up :(

Lily and my sister's other twin taking an afternoon drive.

We have a new tradition started! Last year we went to Chuck-e-Cheese's when we went to Idaho for the holidays and Peyton talked about it ever since, so we went again this year. I love fun family traditions and the Chuck-e-Cheese's in Idaho is so much cleaner and I like it way more than the ones we have around here! Food, family and FUN!

IDAHO! We headed off between snow storms to spend the New Year with my parents and sister in Nampa/Kuna. Jared and I got home late Tuesday night and left the next morning (New Year's Eve) to make it in time to celebrate with my Grandma Glennis, parents and sister and her family. We made it through the passes easily and got there just in time to enjoy tasty treats and games with the fam. Here is my bigger chub in the tub, er, sink :). It was kind of a joke to see if she could fit and she actually did, so we gave her a quick scrub and got ready for a fun filled day.
Our trip is ending and this little bunch is headed back home to Peyton and Lana. I love time "alone" (we still have Lily) w/Jared, but I always miss my babies and can't wait to be with them again.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleigh Ride

We loaded up in two horse drawn sleighs and took a ride up to a tent with hot cocoa and a sledding hill. For the first time since I was tiny, I was brave and went sledding! WAHOO! Good cold, wet fun. Wish the kids were there to see their mommy cut loose!

A little show for our men.

My first time! On the ICE! Life should be full of first times and this was so fun. It was easier than I thought, but you can also get a false sense of confidence and land on your fanny hard. Boy does it hurt too. You know, not everyone is blest with agility. I will just have to be grateful that Jared didn't catch me on camera with my big spill. Look at the view, it is amazing!

Cheese! Jared and I are too excited good food and fun for 24 hours in Twisp at a lodge up in the mountains and snow! Bring it on!

Rub-a-dub, there's a Chub in the Tub!

Monday, Dec. 29th~
Lily had a major blow out on our way to Twisp, WA on a Rodarte Construction retreat. So we (I) plopped her in the tub for a quick "freshening up". Look at this happy face! I think she knows that she is the cutest baby ever (along with my other cutest kids ever) :) She is pure joy.

Holiday Brawl. . .he was robbed!

The Saturday after Christmas we were off to Kent for Peyton's wrestling match. He lost his first match and won the next two and beat the girl in the 1st place position. We don't know what happened but it was pretty fishy that she ended up in first place. Well, at least we know how it all went down and he had fun! That's all that matters. ~I'm the non-aggressive wrestling mom :)

Lily and her delicious rolls wanted to show off too :)

The Christmas Tree Star

Here I go again, catching up time. This is for all my friends who are in need of an update! This last Christmas we tried to go cut a sweet Charlie Brown tree down in the mountains, but by the time we had a chance (w/wrestling every Saturday, it was slim pickings for free time), they ran out of permits. So off to the tree farm we went and picked out my favorite kind of tree, smells good and w/that purdy green :). Lana and Peyton (who is trying to go by his first name "Jared" now) had a grand ol' time putting their ornaments on the tree and remembering where we got them and each of their picture ornaments I've made each year of them (love traditions!) Lana is showing off because she is literally the star of our home!