Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow, Snow. . .SNOW!

Our First SNOW!!! Yee Haw! We in the evergreen state are seeing white! A beautiful blanket of fluffy white snow. Peyton and Lana were having a snow "ball" of a good time. The first snowman. . .well more like toddler than a man, but it was the first one of the winter and first snowball throwing and snow angels and snowflake eating and on and on with frozen hands did they play. During the ward christmas party as it was snowing big chubby flakes, Peyton went outside to taste test the new falling snow. Lana was dainty in her ballet slipper shoes and twirly dress, but she got in there and had her share of fun too. Oh, the magic of the Christmas season!

Ward Christmas Party

Tonight was our ward's Christmas party. My beautiful and talented sister-in-law was the woman of the hour and was in charge of the whole shabang. (sp?) It was so amazing. Christmas in Navou was the theme and a husband and wife in the ward played the part of Joseph and Emma. They even rented costumes! They were flippin sweet in their get-ups! "Emma" even made a skirt for it the day before and got a black wig. . . they went the whole nine yards. I am super impressed.

Speaking of impressed though. . . my hubby sang in a quartet tonight w/his bro. They both did the bass part and rocked! Well, it was a christmas carol, so it didn't literally rock, but it was more like - AMAZING! They have the most beautiful voices! I got a bit of video of them singing, but I really think that it would be detramental to my marriage if I were to post it. But I cannot tell you how attractive it was for me to see him up there singing and hear his voice, oh baby!

It was a beautiful evening though. Sissy did a slam bang job with decorations, food, entertainment and everything in between. Everyone had such a great time! Plus the evening was perfect with the seasons first snowfall.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Saturday activity. . .Wrestling tournaments! We had a busy one yesterday too. Jared took Peyton to Enumclaw to weigh in at 8:00am, came home, we all left to Graham to Holly's baptism, afterwords we had to forgo the lunch at Mazatlan. All the fam went without us and we went to Enumclaw to make it to the last two rounds. Peyton lost the first match and kicked up his game and pinned his opponent in about 30 seconds. He was pumped!
Turkey Tourney~Peyton had fun, although a bit tired from all the food he ate the day before :). He took 3rd place and was excited to get a medal. He took it to show his class on his show and tell day. Good times.

Bye Bye Baby

My cute crawler is learning like mad. We spent our usual Sunday at The Rodarte's, Grandma tells me to come over to her. Here is what she showed me. Lily is pure genious. It comes from my side :).