Monday, August 25, 2008

"A dream is a wish your heart makes"

We are at the happiest place on earth. Peyton and Lana's eyes are big, round globes of excitement and awe. After a quick photo op, we head over to the funnest rides. Peyton and Jared were going to be riding buddies, how fun for Peyton to have his daddy go on all of the rides with him. Mom and Lana were to be mostly on the lookout for the princesses. Splash Mountain was first on the list and a giddy Peyton and Jared quickly went for round two.

Crystal's friend gave her a guide to Disneyland book and it tells you how to get the most out of your day and ride all the rides. Since it isn't as hot in the early morning hours, the water rides aren't the most popular and have smaller lines. There were a few slick tricks that it gave us to beat the heat and lines.

The Haunted Mansion was next and Pirates of the Carribean both of which Lana's eyes were tightly shut and ears muffled.After some Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin, dancing to the fiddler, the petting zoo, a long wait for Autotopia for a quick car ride, a quick rest then a night time jont with Space Mountain for the boys and Buzz Lightyear, we were filled with a fun day and ready for a good nights rest for the fun to begin again.

Monday, April 7th these two snuggle up and get some sleep before their magic begins!

Day 3~

The ZOO!!!

They way our family rolls is pretty unique. We are not few in number and I challenge anyone to have as much fun as we do on our own schedule. That being said, we arrived at the zoo after getting all families up and ready after a full and exciting not to mention long day at Sea World (which was one of my favorite days and Lana is still singing the Shamu song, "Left, right, Shamu, Shamu!). Then we heard them all onto a bus, drive 2 hours south to San Diego and by this time, we need to feed the herd. How to you feed such a slew of people? Why a buffet of course. Otherwise you're going to have a long wait for your food, which isn't fun with 22 grandchildren running around. We all load up again and head for the zoo, Jared at the wheel (he assumes this role in most situations). The navigation system is telling us where to go and when we arrive at our destination we find out that we have 2 hours to get wild with the animals. Most of the family got on the tour bus and went for a quick ride to check out the beasts. Peyton was so excited to see all of the different jungle animals and one of our favorites was the black panther. We never got to see it up close, but the quick drive by was amazing.

Frank really wanted to see the gorillas. I didn't really understand his wish to see them until we were at the exhibit. It was truly amazing. They are truly a family. Grandma taking care of her grandbaby~giving piggyback rides and mother trying to put her baby to sleep as the baby is trying to get a little "snack" and mom finally gives in after which the baby falls asleep. I can definately relate to that. It was really sweet to observe them, I haven't ever seen an actual
family up close like that before.
I think the boys were really relating to the gorillas as well. They were all getting back to their roots, their heritage. :)
On the drive home, we were able to catch a quick view of the San Diego temple. What an amazingly beautiful building that is. It would have really been sweet if we could have at least taken a picture in front of it.
Fun day all in all and we were ready to get some rest for the day ahead of us. . . Disneyland, here we come!