Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boot Scootin' Lily

For about three weeks now Lily has been a crazy crawler. Well, more like bouncy crawlin', but it's super close to her having the ability to get wherever she wants to go. She definately is on her own set schedule of life. Two sharp teeth emerged a month ago, the bottom front. There is no question that she knows how to used those chompers either. Food is high on her list of things she is super interested in. Not so much the mushy "baby" food, she wants my apples, pears. . . steak :) Yes folks, she a Rodarte for sure! We're are in love with her, completely. I truly believe that your heart has to triple in size with each new spirit you get to have in your family. Is it wrong to love your babies so much? I sure don't think so!

Leaf Wreath

So, hello. I am back! As promised, I am show & telling my leaf wreath that Lauralee and I made today! She has done this many times and I was really excited to learn how. It's something you can make every year w/a fresh batch of newly fallen leaves. She used all yellow and I had darker colored leaves that I had snatched from off of Hwy 162 at the grange hall before Military Rd. Yes, I got my community service in today and made it into something beautiful! Life doesn't get more fulfilling than that. :) Good times. Thanks to my BFF too, Kristin held Lily for me so I could play in the leaves, getting tangled up in florist tape. One thing I can truly be thankful for are true friends. . .luv u guys!
P.S. Larissa, whatever a tag is, which I'm not sure yet, I hope this fulfills that "tag". So, do I get to say, tag ~ ur it?