Sunday, November 16, 2008

Going Parkin'

Good times with friends. Des and I had our monthly trek to Comfort Foods and then over to the Puyallup park. Just a quick note: the sugar cookies there are to die for, literally. . . the bomb! When we got to the park, Peyton begged me to hold Lily, and said, "Mom, look at these benches, take a picure of us." Then he and the kids posed for me. This quite a miracle let me tell you, because he never does that for me. So here are my sweet babies posers!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting Back to Nature

Jared has been able to enjoy the great outdoors with his dad and brothers this hunting season. Peyton, Trey and Sam have gone with them a few times too. Even though there hasn't been any kills, just getting out in these beautiful areas are worth it right? A week left in the season, we are still hoping for that elk! All I'm saying is that if there is that trophy kill, if there is any head mounted it will look really nice in Jared's office ;).

Baby Time with LJ

LJ, Lily, Luke & Lane all hanging out together at our house after wrestling, waiting for the enchiladas to get out of the oven. Sleeping babies are not off limits and will be awake and playing when LJ is around. Lane is playing too, though you can just see his hands. Too sweet. And yes, Luke has way more hair than Lily does, so not fair :)!

Dress Up

I just had to post a picture of Lana in her wrestling match outfit. No, we didn't just come from church, she is in love with dresses. This one was from Ross and it flowed around her legs just right and she just had to keep swirling it around. Tights are a new found love. Now we dress up most every day. It's fun, life's short, enjoy the twirl!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peyton's Pin

Peyton's first pin of the season. Way to go quick feet, drive, drive, drive!

2nd Wrestling Match 11/8/08

Wresting season has begun! Life for the Rodarte's is now in lockdown and full of half-Nelson's and "quick-feet". It is amazing to see the growth in my little buddy though. Last year was his first year of wrestling and he had matches against boys who had more experience than he did, so there was a big learning curve for Peyton. There is something about this year for him though. His teacher says that Peyton has matured since last year and is now what she call a "serious student". What a relief. (I have been stressed out with this because Peyton never showed any interest in learning the ABC's, reading, coloring. . .he is on his own agenda. He learned how to ride a bike on two wheels before he would potty train.) Here he is a serious wrestler. Instead of crying at each match (which is what I did last year, though I was an emotional pregnant woman :) ) I can get excited and cheer him along. There is one person that makes the difference for Peyt, his dad. I should say it with a capital "D". Jared is his idol. Anything Daddy likes and does is what Peyton likes and does. I can't imagine a better role model for my son. With Jared and Clint coaching this year all I can say is Bring it On! Stats: 6-0;1 pin

Sweet Cheeks! Andy and baby Lily are showing off their juiciness after a fine Sunday dinner at Mom and Dad's. Andy is sure sincere with his pearly white grin.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Baby is a Crawler!

Yah, she's supposed to stay tiny and newborn, but she has other plans. She is on her own timeline of life. I am excited that she is such a cruiser, but it is so sad too. Why do babies have to grow up?



Lana and Peyton were excited about their costumes this year. Lana is in love with the Disney Princesses and I think that she looks like Belle so we found this one and were in love. It also twirls! Definately a must in Lana's requirements of clothing items lately.

Peyton got a sweet costume from Grandma R. He got to be the Great White Ninja. Poor guy is colored like his momma :) so he will always be my whitey. Ninja swords from Wal-Mart completed his get-up and Brooke painted his face, he was so happy about that. Thanks Brooke, you're a doll!

What a beautiful and perfect Halloween this year! I was all smiles and so excited. This is the best Halloween I have ever had in Washington. It rained in the morning and by 5:00 the sun was peaking out and it was so warm and nice. The trunk-or-treat at the church was a blast, we were able walk around and talk to our friends and just enjoy the night. On the way back to the house the fog came out and was a perfect background for the trick-or-treaters. Jared took the kids around the neighborhood and Cim and the girls joined in when the got here. Some of the houses were all decked out with Halloween festivness. Poor Lana and Elle had to endure some of the scarier houses in order to get the loot, but they survived and got away with a bunch of sweet treats. I just got rid of some of the Halloween candy from last year a couple of months ago, so here we go again. Could we donate to charity? :)

We capped the already great day off with a party at Crystal's house for Kyle and Brooke's birthdays. There was fabulous food, fun family and it was one freaky Friday!

Cheer Bear

My beautiful Lily is my Cheer Bear this year which is very appropriate for he. She has been such a joy in our lives. With her smiles and attentiveness and just plain sweet nature, she has brought the family such a ray of "sunshine"!