Thursday, July 16, 2009

It went off with a BANG! 4th of July/Birthday Party Rodarte Style

So I can enjoy my 20's for one more year! Bring on the thriving thirties. All I can figure is that even though we may get a bit more wrinkles and we may sag in a few places we would rather not sag, doesn't getting older mean we can have more of a right say what we want and be a little more relaxed about who we are and all that stuff that we worry about when we are young ;). I look at my 9o somthing Grandma and she can say and do pretty much whatever she wants and people just say, "Oh, you know Grandma, that's just how she is." I can't wait to be that old crazy woman who can just say it how it is and get away with it 'cause I'm old. So even though we get to saggin', there are some perks to getting a little bit older.

Celebrating the 4th is THE best! We eat, blow things up, eat, hang out in the sun (this summer is sweet with all of the sunshine, I'm soaking it up. . .literally!) and then eat a little bit more. You get to dress your girls (cause there's no "dressing up" my boys) in red, white and blue and be all matchy. It's always fun to have an excuse to get coordinating outfits for us three amigas.

JP (Peyton) got to ride his quad for the first time this summer and I didn't hardly see him all Friday and Saturday, he was a riding fool. Imagine being all dressed in long sleeve, thick riding pants all black on a 85-90 degree day? He managed it just fine, now if I could just get him to be as dedicated to helping out and cleaning and school as he is with riding.

Food Storage on a Roll!

Happy Birthday to me! Jared just bought me my first food rotations system and I am loving the very organized and efficiency of it all. It's a smaller pantry sized, no #10 cans in this one, maybe next year if I'm a good little house wife I can get the really big super dooper one. Gotta stock up on my food storage and make sure it's good and rotated :) Let the good times roll (sorry, I just couldn't hep myself)