Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jared and I went head to head in the birthday cake bake off! No, actually, I wanted both babies to get a special cake. Peyton (Jared, he is wanting to be called by his first name now) had been talking about what kind of cake he wanted for a few months now. We found a picture of a sweet sculped cake that looked like sand dunes, but after the cakes were baked Jared had the vision. there is a sculped bike track with a loop-d-loop, trick ramp and Chips Ahoy dirt track. I put J P on it to be kind of a symbol of the change of name. I am so impressed with Jared, he is so amazing. I guess that working in construction helps with architecture!
Lily got an inch worm/caterpillar. Man, this cake is huge! We had four different cakes at this party and about 1/5th of each one was eaten. But it's all about the love! Lily and Peytong loved them so that's all that matters :)
P.S. the antenna are the candles, kinda fun!

Tiger Lily

Little Ms. Lily in a small photo shoot with the lilies Grandpa and Grandma brought for her birthday along with the beautiful bracelet sent to her from Jen. With her hair in the piggies that she can now sport, she is a living doll :) I cannot say how much this year has flown by for me. Is she really a whole year old? Didn't I just get home from the hospital with her? Wasn't I just holding this little pea pod scrunched up on my chest? Now she is cruising around, trying to keep up with brother and sister, tearing things out of cupboards, sleeping from 7:30pm to 8:00am in her own crib, eating big people food. . . she is growing up. At times it really gets to me but really I am loving every minute I have with this beautiful spirit I have for a daughter.

So beautiful! The day after the fair (Sunday) we drove to Jared's parent's house for our weekly visit and we got a big surprise! It was a little philly that was just born that morning. Frank (Jared's dad) had two other horses bred last year and neither one took. What a shock when one of his mare's gave birth that was never bred. Those sneeky horses horseing around :). I got into the pen and got to give the new baby some nose pats and the mommy was just beaming with pride (or that's what I think anyway). Baby's are just such a miracle.

The after fair party commenced at our house for pork spare ribs, broccoli salad, rice and strawberry cake for my little shortcake. She was diggin' the whipped cream (actually it was dream whip and I have to say it WAS dreamy!

Puyallup Spring Fair! What do you do to celebrate a 1st birthday? Go and have a family day at the local fair. Not the cotton candy, ride riding kind though. We took our baby to see all the little baby animals. Lana was probably the most excited. We got to see pygmy goats, llamas, calves, and lots of other cute fuzzy little creatures. Lily pointed at them and in her cute little lilt say "ehhh?"
So our family got our first experience at the Spring Fair! Love the good family fun!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun with Food!

I have this never ending craving/obsession with summer rolls (or fresh spring rolls) They are divine! What better thing is there when you can make something better than a resturant? I can tell you that it is quite satisfying! These little babies have mint, cilantro, basil, rice noodles, bean sprouts, carrot and cucumber sticks, shrimp and a thin slice of turkey. Authentic ones have a pork slice, but it's what I had and it seemed to work just dandy! The sauce is made from hoisin, peanut butter and chopped peanuts. It was so fun! The rice wrapper was really amazing to work with too! Life is good, let me see your summer roll!!!