Sunday, September 19, 2010

High time, ain't it?

Looks like it's about time to hop back on the good ol' blog and write myself a few lines. I figure since I am now four months post-partum I've given myself a good enough break. Life for me and my family comes to a bit of a halt with the anticipation of a new arrival. About a year or so later we come around again. More so me than the rest of us, but since I'm the one who's in charge of the comins' and goins', there's not so much of comin and goin when I'm expecting. That's just how it is.

Jaxson is. . . words cannot express really what I feel about that boy. What a light in every moment of my day. His giggle, dimpled smile, blue eyes watching his momma. It is something to drink and breath for me. All of my babies are that for me, so that year of sabbatical from life is nothing and well worth it. This is the first time I've had babies two years apart, the others were three. Lily is quite good at being two and this new addition has been a bit of a learning curve for me. Every woman hears the saying that after three, bring 'em on, well not for everyone I guess, going from three to four has definately harder even with a wonder baby. Dynamics are everything, personality, ages, genders and so much more factor in. Even with my dynamics Jared and I are still looking around to see who is missing. It may just be my mind, I've been looking for that for quite some time, or it may be that little spirit waiting to come into our family. We shall see.

Summer. . . well I blinked and I think I missed most of it because it's gone! Turning thirty started out our break and then our family was able to enjoy a couple of super fun trips, we upgraded our car and grew an amazon garden during my blink at least. Jared and I had a conversation about the length of our summer though. We remember summers being so long, with lazy days and feeling like it was so long until school started again. Not so much anymore, but is it just because we're getting older or do our kids feel rushed too? I got a bit of an answer to that question when Peyton (a.k.a. Jared to some, but will always be refered by me as Peyton) said to me, "School is already starting? We just got out of school!" Is this signs of the times or is life just plain different for our children? I can say that I miss those lazy days of summer and am so thankful that I was able to have them.

The day before we left for Utah to visit our friends and family, Jared and I bought our beast. With our growing numbers, we've bust out of Jared's truck and no longer able to haul anything and take our family with us. Jared was quite set on an Excursion and preferred the diesels. After a few months of craigslist, we found one in our budjet and with most of the desired options but no diesel. So we drove four hours down to Tillamook, Oregon and bought our beast. Then four hours back home to then leave for Utah the next day. For those who know me and how much I care about gas mileage, this was a big gulping moment for me. "Just face it," Jared tells me.

Peyton got out of Cub Scout Camp at four o'clock Saturday, the day we were leaving for Utah, so I was under the gun to get things done. Jared had to do some work to make up for his week off, so the preparations were up to me. We were able to do it though, yippe Utah, here we come. Our plan was to stop off in Boise overnight and drive the next morning to make it to our friends the Stone's church at one o'clock. Jared was cruizing and the kids were doing well, the beast has a dvd player :) so when we were rolling through B town, we decided to keep on trucking. Thirteen hours straight driving, all done by my sweet hubby and we made it just in time to take a quick nap, shower and enjoy our church meetings with our friends. Just a funny, crazy side note-during Sacrament meeting I look over at Petyon and there is blood gushing out of his nose and all over his clothes. I am thinking that we need to go back to the house and get cleaned up, but Jared swooped in and they scurried off to the bathroom. A couple of minutes later, they are back and clean and the nose is stuffed with toilet paper. Well, I guess wrestling has been good for a few lessons learned!

Our week with our buddies was fast and furious. Too much fun was had. Fishing, train ride to Temple Square, Subzero icecream, ohhh Subzero. . . wipe drool and . . . Boondocks, late nights shooting the moon, sushi, dreamy. We were also able to visit my grandparents in Midway and my kids and Jared were able to visit for the first time.

More to follow, still gotta catch up. Pictures coming once the site will work right.


Moffett Family said...

Awesome reading your blog updates :). I like being able to snoop! Your family is so stinkin' cute! Love you!

Jack said...

What an awesome family and you are such a sweetheart, Lynette. You look so happy and that is so important to us in our lives to really enjoy all the Lord blesses us with....